Rivers Wanted Photography | Rocky Mountain Road Trip Summer 2016
Created 23-Aug-16
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A couple of weeks in July and August, I took my boys on a road trip from San Marcos, Texas to Anaconda, Montana. First leg of the trip, my lovely assistant and wonderful friend, Ellie, joined our adventures through Palo Duro Canyon near Canyon, Texas and Royal Gorge near Canon City, Colorado. She flew out of Denver, and we picked up my husband, Mark, and his sister, Margaret in route to the Mehrens Family Reunion in Anaconda, Montana. Mark and Aunt Margaret joined me and the boys in Grand Tetons, Wyoming, Yellowstone National Park, and all over the mountains near Anaconda, Montana. After dropping Mark and Margaret off at the airport in Denver, we picked up my mom for the last leg of the trip which includes Buffalo Bill's gravesite, Maroon Bells, Independence Pass, and Pike's Peak in Colorado, and Roswell, New Mexico. If was a fun trip with beautiful desert and mountain landscapes, and wildlife including Moose, Mule Deer, Elk, and Osprey.
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